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[let's-mess-with-] Shakespeare.

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One director, one cast, one week to rehearse, and one chance to perform! Enjoy a bit of the bard while you get drinks, a reading, a little trivia, and overall a better alternative to your average Sunday night.

Round Six kicks off October 2nd with Romeo & Juliet

at our new venue, Jake's Dilemma!

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The journeys of ten very different people as they live, love, and learn through their loss.

Twelfth Night performed February 19th - 27th, 2022 at the WestBeth Community Room & Gallery.

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Bard Bootcamp

Because we believe Shakespeare is truly for everyone! Learn the very basics of how to approach the text, gain a deeper understanding of that character or that scene, or take your material to the next level.

In-person classes will resume soon, but virtual coaching is now available! Learn more

Regina Renée Russell and Lauren E King in Twelfth Night

Professional stagings of new takes on Shakespeare's works, featuring both our company members and guest artists - the ultimate way to experience the bard first-hand.

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