BARDcore Reading Series

One director, one cast, one week to rehearse, and one chance to perform a Shakespeare classic - enjoy a bit of the canon while we host over refreshments, a little games and trivia, and overall a better alternative to your average Sunday night.


BARDcore: Round Four Returns Fall 2021

Come hang out with us for the fourth round of our infamous reading series (while we drink water between each to stay hydrated)!


BARDcore: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Victoria Fragnito, Director

Bobbie Lowe, Assistant Director

Sunday, November 14th at 7:00 PM

Q.E.D. Astoria

Tickets Available Now!

Will Poost in BC: Love's Labour's Lost
Will Poost in BC: Love's Labour's Lost

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Elizabeth Erb*, Jaine Ye, Mariem S. Diaz* in BC: Love's Labour's Lost
Elizabeth Erb*, Jaine Ye, Mariem S. Diaz* in BC: Love's Labour's Lost

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John St. Croix, Rudi Utter*, Zach Libresco* in BC: Henry IV Part One
John St. Croix, Rudi Utter*, Zach Libresco* in BC: Henry IV Part One

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Will Poost in BC: Love's Labour's Lost
Will Poost in BC: Love's Labour's Lost

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BARDcore Production History

So this Shakespeare nerd walked into a bar...

Iachimo and Posthumus

Round Four - Take Two! Fall 2021

BARDcore: Cymbeline

Rudi Utter, Director  |  Lisa LaGrande, Intimacy Director

FEATURING: Jessica Dee Kelly*, Lisa LaGrande, Neysa Lozano, Ryan Murvin*, Brynne O'Rourke, Myles Phillips*, Naima Randolph, Charlie Rodriguez*, Owen Grayson Schiller, Kezia Tyson, and Jaine Ye

PERFORMS Sunday, September 26th at 7:00pm | Buy Tickets

BARDcore: King Lear

Lorenzo Landini, Director  |  Lisa LaGrande, Intimacy Director

FEATURING: Laurel Andersen, Allie Babich*, Kelly Blaze*, RJ Christian, Brianna Kalisch*, Megan Lomax, Robin Murray, Regina Renée Russell*, Kristin Sgarro, Samantha Sutliff*, and Julian Thomas

Sunday, October 17th at 7:00pm | Buy Tickets

BARDcore: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Victoria Fragnito, Director  |  Bobbie Lowe, Assistant Director

Lisa LaGrande, Intimacy Director

FEATURING: Daniel Cabrera, Aziza Gharib, Teagan Kazia, Theo McKenna, Caeden Musser, Miles Purinton*, Anna Stacy, Rachel Weekley, Krystal Wilson, and Jhalil Marquis Younger

Sunday, November 14th at 7:00pm | Buy Tickets

PICTURED: Charlie Rodriguez* as Iachimo and Myles Phillips* as Posthumus in rehearsal for BARDcore: Cymbeline (September 2021)

Round Four - Take One

​Take One of our readings began in March 2020. To thank our directors who prepared so diligently, and our cast of actors who was forced to halt mid-rehearsals due to the pandemic, we'd like to keep their credits here:

BARDcore: Cymbeline (Rudi Utter, Director)

FEATURING: Elizabeth Erb*, Aziza Gharib, Brian Demar Jones*, Omri Kadim, Caeden Musser, Austin Nguyen, Naima Randolph, Joey Santia, Owen Grayson Schiller, Kezia Tyson, and Michael Witkes

BARDcore: King Lear (Lorenzo Landini, Director)

BARDcore: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Victoria M. Fragnito, Director)

PICTURED: Aziza Gharib as Caius Lucius, Naima Randolph as Imogen, and Michael Witkes as the Queen in rehearsal for BARDcore: Cymbeline

Master Ford.JPG

Round Three - Fall 2019

BARDcore: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Laurel Andersen, Director

FEATURING: Emily Ann Banks, Caroline Rose Leon, Theo McKenna, Andre Ozim, Maria Pigatti, Kristin Sgarro, Anna Stacy, Jasmine Aurora Thomas, Rudi Utter*, and Rachel Weekley

BARDcore: Julius Caesar

Regina Renée Russell, Director

FEATURING: Alcides Costa, Akeil Davis, Amelia Fei, Victoria M. Fragnito, Annika Gullahorn, Lisa LaGrande, Rita McCann, TroyElan Richardson, Teagan Kazia, and Owen Grayson Schiller

BARDcore: The Winter's Tale

Andrew Oppmann, Director

FEATURING: Terra Chaney, Jason Goldwin Chang, Alcides Costa, Peter Hargarten, Maya Jeyam, Erin Mendez-Stapleton, Marika Proctor*, Joe Raik, Nick Ritacco, and Dylan J. Sampson

PICTURED: Kristin Sgarro as Master Ford (as Master Brook) in BARDcore: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Round Two - Spring 2019

BARDcore: As You Like It

Laurel Andersen, Director

FEATURING: Sydney Berk, Daniel Cabrera, Joel Derby*, Annika Gullahorn, Rita McCann, Nick Ritacco, Regina Renée Russell*, Anna Stacy, Sigmond Varga, and Emma Wisniewski*

BARDcore: Love's Labour's Lost

Bryan Hunt, Director

FEATURING: Mariem S. Diaz*, Elizabeth Erb, Zachary Gamble, Samuel Geoffrey, Keith Hale, Taylor Nicole Harvey*, Isaac Allen Miller, Andrew Oppmann, Will Poost, Andrew Salzano, Kristin Sgarro, Jacob Harris Wright, Jaine Ye, and Stephen Zuccaro

BARDcore: Henry IV, Part One

Andy Ingalls, Director

FEATURING: Ty Baumann, Victoria M. Fragnito, Katie Rose Krueger*, Lorenzo Landini*, Zach Libresco*, Theo McKenna, Miles Purinton*, Dylan J. Sampson, John St. Croix*, and Rudi Utter*

PICTURED: Stephen Zuccaro as Don Armado and Mariem S. Diaz* as Jaquenetta in rehearsal for BARDcore: Love's Labour's Lost

Loves Labours Rehearsal.jpg
Much Ado Rehearsal.JPG

Round One - Fall 2018

BARDcore: Much Ado About Nothing

Anaïs Koivisto, Director

FEATURING: Levi Adkins, Paul Battiato*, Elizabeth Berkman, Braley Degenhardt, Katie Rose Krueger*, Lorenzo Landini*, Stephanie Litchfield, Andy Ingalls*, Isaac Allen Miller, Nick Ritacco, Jonathon Ryan, and Dylan J. Sampson

BARDcore: Antony & Cleopatra

Phoebe Brooks, Director

FEATURING: Portia Boston, Tara Bradway, Mia Canter, Amelia Dudley, Katie Fanning*, Lily Fryburg, Nicky Khor, Zach Libresco*, Sean Lounsbury, Samantha Rago, and Owen Grayson Schiller

BARDcore: Twelfth Night

Rudi Utter, Director

FEATURING: Laurel Andersen, Oliver Archibald, Ty Baumann, Ryan Claus, Victoria M. Fragnito, Theo McKenna, Joshua Koehn*, Rita McCann, R. David Robinson*, Jonathon Ryan, and Kristin Sgarro

PICTURED: Stephanie Litchfield as Margaret and Elizabeth Berkman as Hero in rehearsal for BARDcore: Much Ado About Nothing