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BARDcore Reading Series

One director, one cast, one week to rehearse, and one chance to perform a Shakespeare classic - enjoy a bit of the canon while we host and provide refreshments, a little games and trivia, and overall a better alternative to your average Monday night.


Come join us for Round Three!

Drinks. Trivia. Shakespeare: Get into it!

Come hang out with us for the Third Round of our reading series:

October 21: The Merry Wives of Windsor (Director Laurel Andersen)

November 18: Julius Caesar (Director Regina Renée Russell)

December 16: The Winter's Tale (Director Andrew Oppmann)


Submissions are now closed for Round Three of BARDcore. For the first chance to submit for Round Four, follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list - and definitely come meet us in person at any of the BARDcore events!


BARDcore Production History

So this Shakespeare nerd walked into a bar...


Round Three

Fall 2019

BARDcore: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Laurel Andersen, Director

FEATURING: Emily Ann Banks, Caroline Rose Leon, Theo McKenna, Andre Ozim, Maria Pigatti, Kristin Sgarro, Anna Stacy, Jasmine Aurora Thomas, Rudi Utter*, and Rachel Weekley

BARDcore: Julius Caesar

Regina Renée Russell, Director

FEATURING: Alcides Costa, Akeil Davis, Amelia Fei, Victoria M. Fragnito, Annika Gullahorn, Lisa LaGrande, Rita McCann, TroyElan Richardson, George Ronis, and Owen Grayson Schiller

BARDcore: The Winter's Tale

Andrew Oppmann, Director

FEATURING: Terry Chaney, Jason Goldwin Chang, Peter Hargarten, Maya Jeyam, Gregory Kowlessar, Erin Mendez-Stapleton, Marika Proctor*, Joe Raik, Nick Ritacco, and Dylan J. Sampson

PICTURED: Rudi Utter* as Falstaff in rehearsal for BARDcore: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Round Two

Spring 2019

BARDcore: As You Like It

Laurel Andersen, Director

FEATURING: Sydney Berk, Daniel Cabrera, Joel Derby*, Annika Gullahorn, Rita McCann, Nick Ritacco, Regina Renée Russell*, Anna Stacy, Sigmond Varga, and Emma Wisniewski*

BARDcore: Love's Labour's Lost

Bryan Hunt, Director

FEATURING: Mariem S. Diaz*, Elizabeth Erb, Zachary Gamble, Samuel Geoffrey, Keith Hale, Taylor Nicole Harvey*, Isaac Allen Miller, Andrew Oppmann, Will Poost, Andrew Salzano, Kristin Sgarro, Jacob Harris Wright, Jaine Ye, and Stephen Zuccaro

BARDcore: Henry IV, Part One

Andy Ingalls, Director

FEATURING: Ty Baumann, Victoria M. Fragnito, Katie Rose Krueger*, Lorenzo Landini*, Zach Libresco*, Theo McKenna, Miles Purinton*, Dylan J. Sampson, John St. Croix*, and Rudi Utter*

PICTURED: Anna Stacy as Rosalind in rehearsal for BARDcore: As You Like It

As You Rehearsal.jpg
Much Ado Rehearsal.JPG

Round One

Fall 2018

BARDcore: Much Ado About Nothing

Anaïs Koivisto, Director

FEATURING: Levi Adkins, Paul Battiato*, Elizabeth Berkman, Braley Degenhardt, Katie Rose Krueger*, Lorenzo Landini*, Stephanie Litchfield, Andy Ingalls*, Isaac Allen Miller, Nick Ritacco, Jonathon Ryan, and Dylan J. Sampson

BARDcore: Antony & Cleopatra

Phoebe Brooks, Director

FEATURING: Portia Boston, Tara Bradway, Mia Canter, Amelia Dudley, Katie Fanning*, Lily Fryburg, Nicky Khor, Zach Libresco*, Sean Lounsbury, Samantha Rago, and Owen Grayson Schiller

BARDcore: Twelfth Night

Rudi Utter, Director

FEATURING: Laurel Andersen, Oliver Archibald, Ty Baumann, Ryan Claus, Victoria M. Fragnito, Theo McKenna, Joshua Koehn*, Rita McCann, R. David Robinson*, Jonathon Ryan, and Kristin Sgarro

PICTURED: Stephanie Litchfield as Margaret and Elizabeth Berkman as Hero in rehearsal for BARDcore: Much Ado About Nothing


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