No more.png

This must end.

How much more are we supposed to take? How much more gun violence? police violence? invasive legislation?

How much more hatred and bigotry?

If you find yourself struggling with radical acceptance, please take it from us: your humanity is your strength. Understanding the stories and lived experiences of people who are not like you only strengthens your muscle of compassion; and while "tough" might sound powerfully enticing, it is life-threatening.

Dedicate the time to listen to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latin, AAPI), LGBTQ+, and Disabled stories, even and especially when you are not part of the community. Be a student of integrity, and be open to learning and to criticism. 

Then take what you learn and communicate it to those who need more help to understand; because even when we are not a part of a given community, this violence is a threat to all of us.

Don't just post another black square - be the change. Make the change.