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Those of us directly involved in casting at Match: Lit are keenly aware of the limited opportunities made available in the professional classical theater world for underrepresented artists, and we are committed to doing our part in not only creating opportunities for underrepresented actors, but also seeking to rectify the unjust representation that is so often seen in Shakespeare's works.

We make every conscious effort to cast each of our projects creatively, conscientiously, and responsibly - so our audiences can expect to see:

  • Actors playing roles for which they are not typically cast (like gender variation, character merging for the sake of creating more well-rounded arcs, or abolishing/re-interpreting references to skin tone);

  • Adequate representation to encompass a broad racial, ethnic, genderqueer, and disabled coalition of artistic voices, opinions, and lived experiences;

  • Refusal to cast actors from underrepresented groups into roles that are not well-rounded, or worse, that promote damaging stereotypes of those particular groups while consistently casting actors of privilege in direct juxtaposition

We start at the very root, in the casting pool, to provide opportunities to our New York classical acting family, and we prioritize our actors over all else. We do our homework, we analyze and consider all character relationships, and we strive to do our utmost to fight for those those who need it.



General Auditions for each round of BARDcore are held twice annually in Manhattan.

The next set of General Auditions will be held September 2020.

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